103 Greene's Brook Rd, Berlin, NY

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Our Farm


Our farm today continues to rely on much of the same agricultural foundation that we have relied upon for generations. The cow barn in the center of this picture is the same barn we have been using for over 157 years. We continue to care for the same fields and pastures of our 480 acre farm that have been worked for generations. The Greene family continues to work the farm as a way of life--a way of life now enjoyed by sixteen Greene's between the ages of 1 and 90 years old.



You will find a few pigs and chickens on our farm along with a large garden, but our mainstay is very much the dairy. We take great pride in our cows and strive to provide the best for our herd of Holsteins. That is why we are in the process of being Animal Wellness Certified. We want to verify to our cheese customers that our family's cows are happy and well cared for, that their barns are comfortable and spacious, and that their feed is nutritious and plentiful.


Our family farm also strives to be mindful of tomorrow. Our goal is to continue to reduce the size of our carbon footprint to benefit our environment today, and for the generations to come. From how we grow our crops to what we feed our cows to how we cool and store our milk, we continue to seek out ways to be good stewards of this land and community that we live in. That is also why we have begun our own line of farmhouse cheese--it just seems to make sense to produce and provide local farm products rather than shipping them in from great distances.