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Our farming roots run deep in the Little Hoosic River Valley. Our ancestors include two farming families who were amongst the pioneering settlers of the Berlin area--and who also started farms that have served as home for our families for generations.

In 1769, Colonel Caleb Bentley departed from his family home in Rhode Island to settle in the pleasant valley of the Little Hoosic. He made the long journey with his possessions in an oxcart, and a dream to establish deep roots in the new land that he would purchase. Caleb served his new country as a Colonel in the American Revolution--including the Battle of Bennington. Following the war, he returned to his farm and commenced a farming tradition that we are proud to continue today--nine generations later.

In 1777, John Greene left his family home in West Greenwich, Rhode Island to serve in the American Revolution. Following the Saratoga campaign, John and his family settled in what would become the Town of Berlin. John would go on to serve as a Sergeant during the remainder of the war, but returned to farm in the Little Hoosic Valley. Later in life, he served as a State Legislator, but continued to farm in Berlin and firmly established the Greene's roots here. John was also one of the early settlers who founded the Berlin Seventh Day Baptist Church--which is still our church home today, ten generations later.

In 1853, John's Great Grandson William Perry Greene, purchased a nearby farm where he would raise his family. The diversified farm included dairy cattle, sheep, poultry, swine, and maple syrup production. He would go on to build a cheese house, maple sugar house, and an addition to the cow barn--all of which are still a part of our family farm today. The generations of Greenes following William have continued his passion for farming--particularly dairy farming. And now, 7 generations later, we have also returned to his artisan, farmhouse cheesemaking.